Just released “Intergalactic Transmission” by Sattyananda

Out now on Bandcamp, Itunes, Beatport & more! INTERGALACTIC TRANSMISSION is a sonic sci-fi adventure through space, where the listening crew of the craft venture out to receive a new transmission. The journey takes them through different dimensions of deep space before they finally receive the transmission & the craft and crew are stable. These … Continue reading Just released “Intergalactic Transmission” by Sattyananda

Royal Enfield free download!

"As far as I can remember I always loved the Enfield motorcycle and its iconic sound! It was an honour and a super good feeling when I was asked to compose the sound track for this Enfield commercial titled "Hand Crafted in Chennai" Happy to share the music as a free download on my soundcloud! Watch … Continue reading Royal Enfield free download!

Sattyananda music, now available on all digital platforms

Releases by Sattyananda Official, now available on all leading digital platforms! Sonic Mandalas (Experimental) Natural Rhythms (Spiritual) Abducting Aliens (Experimental) Ashtanga Yoga Chants (Spiritual) Listen https://soundcloud.com/sattyananda/ Read http://sattyananda.com/category/blog/stories/ Buy Bandcamp / Beatport / Junodownloads / Itunes / etc

Abducting Aliens reviewed on psynews.org!

Here is a review we received last evening what a nice inspiring way to start a new week, thanks Bill Mahoney 🙂 Do take out some time to read and to listen 🙂 https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/70301-sattyananda-abducting-aliens/ To preview & purchase the release please visit http://sattyananda.com/music/abducting-aliens-2015-experimental/

Sonic Mandalas reviewd on psynews.org!

SUPER grateful to read such an inspiring review for Sattyananda's album SONIC MANDALAS by fellow human Bill Mahoney. "Aptly, Sonic Mandalas are mini-universes of rich and captivating sound and, on the whole, an exquisite artist album." Full review at https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/70237-sattyananda-sonic-mandalas/ Please do take out some time to read the review and if you have some more … Continue reading Sonic Mandalas reviewd on psynews.org!