Just released “Intergalactic Transmission” by Sattyananda

Out now on Bandcamp, Itunes, Beatport & more! INTERGALACTIC TRANSMISSION is a sonic sci-fi adventure through space, where the listening crew of the craft venture out to receive a new transmission. The journey takes them through different dimensions of deep space before they finally receive the transmission & the craft and crew are stable. These … Continue reading Just released “Intergalactic Transmission” by Sattyananda

Tantric Frequencies OUT NOW!

OUT TODAY As the name suggests, this album is inspired by the sacred school of tantra. Tantra uses an external medium to stimulate deeper experiences within ones own self. On Tantric Frequencies, Sattyananda has experimented with different sounds & frequencies to create a journey where one can explore these deeper spaces. “The sound is created … Continue reading Tantric Frequencies OUT NOW!