SolimaBorn in 1982, Ankara, Turkey. His musical interest started at an early age with his father’s record collection, focusing mainly on rock, jazz and fusion. At the age of 16, he began a three-year classical music high-school, studying clarinet along with music theory, history and performance. He continued his studies on archaeology and history of art (BA), while keeping his interest in computer music. During these years, he performed (live electronics) in a band called ‘error’, won a prize in a national electronic music production competition (Miller’s Best Producer 2 – 2005), composed music for various short films, juggling shows and performances. Completing his Master’s degree on music technology at the University of York, Music Research Centre in 2008, he moved back to Turkey to improve his understanding, skills and techniques on electronic music production. He currently works in his home studio as a composer, arranger and mixing engineer.

Psychedelic ambient electronica has been his favourite musical way of exploring sounds and sonic composition during the last few years, and Keyf is a project in this sense, that has come to life thanks to this compilation album by Audio Aashram.