IndidginusMichael Martin has been playing didgeridoo since 1996. His first real foray into dance music came in 1998 when he attended the Megadog Beach Festival in Cornwall after returning from a period of work and travel in Tanzania. Michael was so inspired by what he heard and experienced, that he decided to incorporate his didg playing into this style of music.

At first he started out by playing along with various techno and trance DJ’s (originally under the name Deviant Didg) at squat parties and clubs in London like The Fridge, Club 414, The Pleasure Rooms, Tyssen Street, and the Drome. After a year or so he decided to involve himself in Koru (a drum and bass live PA based in Brixton).

Michael played with them for a few months, mostly around London, but also at festivals like the Lizard Eclipse in Cornwall. This introduced him to the production side of things and he was hooked. He didn’t like being a passive member of the band who “just played didg”. He wanted to actively create tracks from start to end. His stumbling block was money – studio equipment doesn’t come cheap…. So with that (& one or two other things) in mind he took out a loan, trained as a software developer, earned some money, bought some gear, started writing his own compositions & Indidginus was born. Shortly after he joined up with another drum and bass live PA (Impact) and gigged with them. This was fun for a while, but he found himself becoming “the didg player” again, so decided to call it a day.

Following a Halloween party in Bristol in 2001, at which his psytrance live PA OOOD was playing, Michael got to know Colin Bennun. The two became friends & started writing tracks (mostly psytrance) together from time to time. He has had the good fortune to work with talented guitarist, Joe Weinstock, who features on several Indidginus tracks. He is also involved in 2 collaborations with Ishq (Matt Hillier) going under the Open System & Octophonic (also featuring the late Jake Stephenson) monikers.

Michael has played at various events in his home country (UK), adopted country (South Africa) & elsewhere in the world. In February 2004 he moved to South Africa, where he has written soundtracks for several TV commercials, a couple of TV series, a documentary & an independent film called Cognition Factor – featuring a collaboration with Colin Angus (The Shamen, Pablo Sandoz) & additional music by Alex Paterson of The Orb & Merv Pepler of Eat Static.

Michael makes extensive use of the slide didgeridoo in his unique & eminently danceable live performances.

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