In'R'VoiceIn’R’Voice is an award winning Electronic Dance Music project founded by Den Kozlov in 1992. In 1995 he was awarded by the Mynistry of Culture of Russia for innovations in music. In 1999 “In’R’Voice” (or “Inner Resonance Voice” how its known in Russia) became london based. It is one of the very first Electronic Dance projects to come out of Russia. Untill this day Den producing and performing his music around the world.

He never seem to run out of the fresh ideas, as every single album of the project has a different approach to style and sound ranging from PsyTrance to Minimal Techno, which makes In’R’Voice truly unique. This helped him to built a large number of followers and fans. Den doesn’t dissapoint his listener, constantly creating new music for almost 19 years through projects like In’R’Voice, Den Kozlov, Peace Data, Karmahacker, Emotion Code and many more side projects and collaborations with other musicians. Here on a Facebook you can hear one track from each album released under In’R’Voice or his own name – Den Kozlov.

You can catch up with Den Kozlov playing live at Underground clubs like Colisseum, or DJing at top London’s Glamour clubs like Chinawhite, Embassy or Runway.