CygnaAt the start of this third millenium Cygna’s creations possess the perfect sense of belongings, as they invite the listener to stop and feel the inner space, the outher enviorinment, be it human and native, light or deep.

Cygna can be identified as the creator of organic atmospheres warming spaces with lit sound journeys; all such magnitudes are produced by Mario Sammut in Malta, the island set right in the midst of the Mediterrenean Sea.

Since 1998, Cygna has been magnifying unique combinations of modified ambient sounds evolved with classical instruments on an organic sound ground, all of which lead Cygna be the birth place of Symphonic Ambient.

Cygna is heading to genuine success with his sound compositions as they attract collaborations with film producers, visual artists, alternative music festivals and thethre productions.

Jule Belami ( Film Director ) defined Cygna’s works as “otherwordly and hypnotic. A listening experience that is always a vosual experience with developing images and scenesabound in the mind’s eye”. Travis Nobles from Hiddenplace Music insists that under Cygna, Mario Sammut creates a..” quiet and desolated peace, a sudden rush of anticipation breaking into hearth-racing drums, creating music for the cinema of the imagination… each composition is packed as much as suspance danger, intence and intrique as a whirlwind trip around the world “.

Whilst performing at ambient festivals, Cygna’s works has been displayed in national art galleries, art installations, theatre projects and European film productions. Cygna interacts music with science, evolutionary art, and the organic earth simultaniously. For such properties and unique compositions Cygna became the genuine field explored world wide due to the evolutionary sound works.

Cygna is observed to be the mastermind in sound organics as he evokes cutting edge sound concept and fields.