AsuraSince 1996, the project Asura has polished a personal electronic universe sound, between trance psychedelic, ambient and world music. Made by many influences, their music does not remain about it less one personal and considered creation, centered on the perpetual search of infinite spaces and multiple origins. Monotonous melancholic lyrics, symphonic waves, fast and slow rythms, heavy or throbbing, liturgical songs, Asura introduces a certain solemn vision of the world. Built around electronic machines and acoustic instruments, their music is a curiosity. Recognized everywhere, though little known in France, their songs Code Eternity and Lost Eden however had many dance at the time of large trance raves all over the world. Vincent Villuis left the band to concentrate on his new project, Aes Dana, in 2001, and was replaced by Alex Ackerman.

The second album, Lost Eden, was released in 2003.

Since July 2005, after the departure of Christopher Maze and Alex Ackerman, Asura became a solo project, composed by Charles Farewell, co-founder of the project.

The third and newest album, LIFE², has been available on Earth since July the 7th 2007, on Ultimae Records.

Life² marks the return of the original Asura sound, with ten strong tracks, composed of melodic echoes, aramean tribal rhythms, ethereal duduks, hypnotic basslines, symphonic orchestrations, fusion of gentleness, and strength blending into acid themes. The outcome is melancholic yet positive, as any renewal would be, a tangible passage, sort of a second life…

The fourth Album, 360, is expected for the first semester of 2010, on Ultimae Records.

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